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Your business faces liabilities every day. The only way to protect your assets is to carry adequate business liability insurance. A Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance policy is the first line of defense against many common claims. Independent Insurance Agency of Richmond can provide insurance coverage for your business. Whether your business is small, sole proprietor, or a large corporation we can find you the insurance coverage tailored to fit your business. Just some of the types of businesses we insure are: Apartments, Condo/Townhouse HOA, Restaurants, Strip Shopping Centers, Industrial Parks, Office Buildings, Automotive Garages, Manufacturers, Retail, Wholesale, Distributors, and In-Home Business Insurance. If you have only one form of business insurance, it is most likely Commercial General Liability. CGL policies cover claims in four basic categories of business liability: Bodily Injury Property Damage Personal Injury (including slander or libel) In addition to covering the claims listed above, Commercial General Liability policies also cover the cost to defend or settle claims - even if the claims are fraudulent. Business Liability insurance protects your business against financial loss resulting from claims of injury or damage caused to others by you or your employees.